TimLook What I Can Do Productions
I'm just starting out in the entertainment industry and I'm trying to get my feet wet! I have a lot of strange and weird ideas that would make great movies, in my opinion. I'm not typically a writer but more of an “idea kind of guy”. The goal is to be a writer some day. But until that day comes, I felt the need to reach out to someone with more experience. You know, like a writer! Someone to help bring these ideas to life! So I sent Emily my rough draft and she took my script and made it flow better than I could ever imagine! The scenes transitioned well. She also added suggestions on character development which helped me during the creative process and, of course, led to the inspiration to finally finish the script! Like a puppy, I nudged her ankle with my nose and before I could say anything she agreed to be a consultant for my movie that's currently in production.