“I’m a lot funnier than you think I am!” Emily hails from Syracuse, NY – the snowiest city in the USA! She obtained her bachelor’s degree in English education from Niagara University, where she also dazzled sports enthusiasts with her less-than-stellar talent as D1 basketball cheerleader. “Go Purple Eagles!” She then attended SUNY Buffalo and received her master’s degree in humanities, with concentrations in both theater arts and communications. After finishing school, Emily realized the New York State job market was over-flooded with unemployed teachers. So she decided to pick up and move to the greener pastures (and among the nicer residents) of Nashville, TN. She has been here 5 years now and she has no plans of ever moving back home! Emily has been actively involved in the live theater and independent film community for many years. She has acted in numerous theatrical productions, as well as several indie films. She has also written several screenplays, including the short film "Just Grate", which won Best Original Screenplay at the 2012 Nashville 48-Hour Film Project. Emily teaches film and drama at a local high school and is a freelance writer for Dream Row Magazine and InPhase Magazine. She lives in Nashville with her 4 cats, (Jake, Skatie, Valentine, and Setzer) and her beagle, Maeby. Oh yeah…and her husband, Ender Bowen!
What All Lives Matter Means and Why I Don't Say It Anymore
Sometimes we have to be willing to see the issue from the other side. When we are willing to step out of our own perspective and see things through our opposition's eyes, we learn that we're not actually on different sides at all.
Mad About You

Mad About You

Yelling is bad. But here's what professionals don't tell you: when one of those not “that” mom moments arises, there is a valuable opportunity to be seized.
Traveling With Toddlers

Traveling With Toddlers

This year, I decided my Christmas needed a little more anxiety to make the season bright... by flying on a plane with a one and four-year old BY MYSELF...
I am sure there is a list of things you are not supposed to do when your child loses their tooth. I'm confident we did every single one of them.

It’s A Gift

I did not inherit the shopping gene. But while I may have come up short when it comes to the gift of giving, I did manage to excel in the gift of re-gifting.
Give yourself a break if you're not “that” mom who always uses organic chicken. Your child will survive....at least until your next act of imperfect parenting!

Truth Be Told, I Lie

It's true. I lie to my children. They will likely survive, and may even grow up to be semi-functional members of society. So let yourself off the hook too.

Embracing Sub Par Parenting

I'm sharing my confessions of parenting fails here on this blog so that you too can pat yourself on the back for doing better than me! You're welcome.

A Mother’s Fate

One day, not too far from now, my baby girl will be able to say the words I am longing to hear...