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I certainly would not characterize myself as a shopaholic. First of all, as Demetri Martin would say, there is no such thing as shopahol so it would be quite a feat for me to be addicted to it. But mostly because I am one of few females who utterly hates shopping. And I pretty much have hated it as far back as I can remember. Perhaps it’s the step-Jew in me who hates spending money. I’m sure that plays a substantial part in it. But I also hate the process. I hate trying things on, getting undressed and dressed again, the indecision, the crowds, the obnoxious sales people who say “can I help you find something, Sweetie?” The thing is, I don’t mind so much shopping for other people. Christmas shopping is actually something I find moderately amusing. But when it comes to shopping for myself, I’d find more pleasure and enjoyment watching a Jennifer Lopez movie.

And because of this aversion to retail, I generally am pretty good about keeping credit card balances down and avoiding fights with the husband in which he is forced to shriek “How could you spend that much money on shoes?!” No, I am pretty smart with my money, especially when it comes to not blowing it on sweaters and scarfs that I don’t really need.

So why is it then, that in spite of my retail-avoidance condition, have I developed an amazing ability to “run in quick” to the grocery story to restock the dish washer detergent we have recently run out of, spend $100, and completely forget the one item I actually went there to get?? It’s remarkable, really. I wonder if there is a demand for that ability on America’s Got Talent!

Photo by Roberto Verzo via Flickr

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